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Attention all new and returning GWGSA participants.  There are a couple significant changes for the 2020 season.

First, registrations will now be provided through Team Sideline.  We have made a change from the Parks Dept. to in-house.  AVSA (Apple Valley Softball Assoc.), the parenting organization for GWGSA, uses Team Sideline for their many leagues' registrations and game scheduling.  The 'Registration' link will connect you to the new registration page. 

GWGSA has also made changes to the age groups:

  • Tee ball:  4-5 years old (formerly 5-6)
  • Pitching machine:  6-7 years old (formerly 7-8)
  • Girls pitch with coach assist:  8-10 years old (formerly 9-10)
  • Girls pitch without coach assist:  11-13 years old (no change)

The purpose of the changes are to prepare players for hitting off live pitching sooner, and more importantly, to encourage pitching at a younger age.  Pitching requires time and consistency to develop.  Therefore GWGSA has moved the 8 year olds to the pitching age group with the hope of exposing more players to pitching that they may develop an interest to pitch.

For Registration questions contact Registrar at gwgsaregistrar@gmail.com or call and leave a voicemail at 885-9155

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Greater Wenatchee Girls Softball Association

Winter Pitching & Catching Practice:
Gym Times:
November 12, 2019 – March 26, 2020
Orchard Middle School Gym (1024 Orchard St.)

Tuesdays 8pm-930pm;  Thursdays 8pm-930pm
No Gym on 11/28, 12/24, 26 and 31 and January 2nd

(Occasionally we lose the gym due to a school function on short notice… Schedule changes will be posted on the GWGSA website if possible.)

All participants, both child and adult, will be required to sign a release form before you will be allowed to use the gym this season.  We will have these on hand at the gym.
We can’t use real balls inside the gym. Please bring your own “incrediball” with you.  We will have some available in case you forget or do not have one. You need to bring someone to catch for you, preferably a parent. Catchers under the age of 18 must wear at least a face mask for protection if they are catching in the squatting position. Please bring your own catchers equipment.

Excellent Website and Philosophy:  http://www.houseofpitching.com

Call Mark Loyd @ 679-8382 for more info.  

Our Contact Info 509.885.9155



P.O. BOX 351, WENATCHEE, WA 98807